The #BlackLivesMatter movement is alive and kicking and with overwhelming support,is here to stay. Equality and police brutality are the subjects of many a headline in 2017. Over the past few years, media has been overwhelmed with numerous cases u=of unjust against people of color. Now, that’s not to say that those blessed with melanin-kissed skin have not been unfairly treated for hundreds of years, just simply that people are speaking up and news sources are allowing for the plethora of social and race related wrongs to be publicized on a mass level.

Black lives have and will always matter but some folks haven’t quite figured it out yet, wrapping themselves in a safety net of blissful ignorance. Others have banned together, regardless of race, ethnicity or class to akeit known that each and every soul, deserves a safe place to call home.

2 Students At This Florida High School Changed The Game…

They decided to make a bold statement with one very controversial dress. The theme? #BlackLivesMatter

More Than Just Fashion, This Teen Created A Prom Dress With A Message…

Sparing not an inch of fabric or an ounce of detail, young designer, Terrence Torrence designed a dress with justice and remembrance in mind…and the whole world noticed.


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Printed On The Fabric Of The Eloquently Designed Dress..

The faces of victims lost to act of violence, police brutality to be exact…

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Get A Closer View Of This Student’s Fashion Forward Message And The Faces In Encompasses NEXT