Do you vent to your dog at the end of a long day? Do you get frustrated that no matter what you say to your little furry sidekick,  he only answers to the crinkle of the treat bag?

Do you try to convince your cat that store brand canned food is just as good as the fancy stuff? (Don’t lie, you know you do)


You are not alone. Trust. Even though you are too scared to be coined a “crazy cat lady” or the equivalent, it’s okay you don’ t have to admit it. You know the real truth.


Children often talk to their toys or dolls and as adults, we don’t think twice about it; we may actually encourage it by our “Awe’s” and “Isn’t that cute?” comments.

But why, then, do grownups feel that doing the same labels us as abnormal?


It turns out there’s a scientific explanation for why we anthropomorphize as adults, so moving forward – go ahead and admit you talk to your pet, plant, or car – it turns out you’re not crazy at all, you’re actually quite intelligent.

This has everything to do with how smart you are, LEARN MORE