If you’ve been cheated on by a significant other, you know that the feelings of hurt and sadness are immediately overshadowed by anger. After all, how could someone who claims to love you do something so shady.

The Million Dollar Question

Unfortunately, people get played every day. In the amount of time it’s taken you to read this article, hundreds of people have probably gotten cheated on. It’s a sad reality, and it seems like cheater are getting braver and braver as technology makes it easier to do things on the low.

We Still See You Though

With that being said, it’s now time for the tale of #UberBae. Not only did this unsuspecting young Uber driver catch her boyfriend cheating on her, but she actually came face to face with the woman who was about to take her place.

It’s About To Go DOWN!

By the end of this crazy story, you won’t know whether you should laugh or cry, whether you should console #UberBae, or give her a high five.

All I can say for now is this: cheaters never win.

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