Weddings are a glorious time for two people to celebrate their union of love. From the vows to the wedding music to the flowers, every last detail has been planned out to reflect both the style and the traditions the bride and groom hold dear to their hearts.

But there is one major detail that everyone anticipates and it is the bride’s choice of wedding gown. Whether it’s a svelte ivory cocktail dress purchased off the rack at a department store or a hand-embroidered gown that has been passed down from generation to generation, it’s the one thing in a wedding that steals the spotlight and makes for an unforgettable personal statement.

While most Western cultures tend to select wedding gowns that are white or ivory-hued, many cultures from around the world choose more colorful and vibrant attire to celebrate the special day.

Take a look at the gallery below of these gorgeously diverse wedding gowns and see perhaps if you might find a little inspiration for your own upcoming wedding.






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