They say it rarely happens. We are warned from an early age how to avoid the possibility. When storm clouds start brewing overhead, we go into protective mode, making sure to find shelter but also avoiding things like lamp poles and trees. As the bolts break through the sky, we marvel at their beauty and pray they don’t hit us. After all, if you get struck by lightning, chances are you won’t live to tell about it.

Lightning Can Be Very Beautiful



But It Is Also Very Deadly



Or maybe you will. There’s no doubt that such a natural electrocution isn’t good for a person, but more and more, we’ve been hearing about cases where people meet nature’s fury and come out on the other side. Some of the cases were mere flukes. Others happened in the typical places…and there are a couple that will have you scratching your head and saying “Huh?”

Those Who Have Survived Sometimes Look Like This…



Now, they don’t always come out complete, however, and we’re not suggesting you try it yourself, but just like those rare instances where someone falls from several stories up and lives, there have been individuals who’ve met the big bad Mama N and her gigawatts and survived. In fact, a few are downright famous for taking on such dangerous cloudbursts.

Or This…



Or This



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