Cacsmy Brutus, or Mama Cax as she goes by, never intended to become a fashion model. But that didn’t stop the Brooklyn-born beauty from rising to the forefront of a fashion campaign that boasts a positive message called #runwayforall.

At the tender age of 14, she was diagnosed with both lung and bone cancer. Given only three weeks to live, the courageous young woman was willing to do anything she could to try to extend her life, so she took a risk with an experimental cancer drug – and it paid off!

Despite being able to bounce back from cancer, several years later, Mama would have to have her right leg amputated. But something that could have been viewed as a setback didn’t prevent the New York City resident (who has also lived in Montreal and Haiti) from travelling the world and living out her dreams!

After a visit to Southeast Asia in 2013, her love of travel inspired her to start a travel blog. But not just any travel blog. She recognized that there wasn’t just a need for more travel bloggers, but a need for more travel bloggers like her:

“My plan is to have a travel blog sharing my experience as a woman, as a person of color and as a person with a physical disability.”

Mama uses two crutches and a prosthetic leg to walk with and they are highly visible in all of her fashion spreads. She wants to break the mainstream barriers and let the world know that being disabled and working in the fashion industry can co-exist.

The self described travel bug’s philosophy on inclusion in the fashion industry? “Beauty doesn’t always wear a size 0 and doesn’t always walk on two limbs.”

Bravo Mama! Your beautiful message is seen, and heard, loud and clear!

She Is Bold


She Is Fearless


She Wants Others To Know There Are All Types Of Beauty


…And Just Because You’ve Experienced A Tragedy…


…Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Triumph!


Don’t Leave The Runway Just Yet Mama Cax Has Just Begun To Stunt!