It’s been another rough year in the succession of many for Flint Michigan residents. Hometown hero,rapper Eminem was feeling ultra generous.

So generous in fact that he decided to spread the wealth by providing 2017 Flint graduates with a pretty dope gift. The gift of music.

This Is Not The First Time Em Has Given Back To Flint Students

In August, Slim and his friends at Kids In Need Foundation joined forces to for the greater good of students facing hard times. Providing backpacks filled to the brim with school supplies for children at Freeman Elementary. (240 Backpacks to be exact!)Source

Now That’s A Lot Of Backpacks!


This time Eminem was invited to celebrate along with the class of 2017. Asked to do a speech, the Detroit raised rapper brought more than his fair share of fruit punch to the party.

Students were elated just to see the “Rap God” on the big screen with a message, they had no idea what Em had in store.In fact, Betty Davis, a Northwestern Senior said;

“I thought he was just going to give his speech on the speaker and it just was going to be that…

Davis exclaimed,

“I greatly appreciate Eminem for giving out like he did. He didn’t have to and the fact that he can see so much potential in Flint and Flint students, it just makes the gift so much more worth keeping.”


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