Deng Adut was born into a life in which his future seemed grim. The Sudanese boy was forced to serve as a soldier at the very young age of just 6-years-old however his fate greatly changed the day he was smuggled to Australia, where he now calls his home.

Adut’s road to success did not come without struggle. While studying to be a lawyer, Deng happily lived in his car. He put his education and the opportunity to better himself and in turn help others to thrive before everything.

The 33-year-old refugee turned criminal lawyer has been crowned New South Wales Australian of the Year but not without surviving struggle and learning to thrive through dedication and hardwork.

Deng Adut Has Recently Been Recognized For His Notable  Contributions


Deng Taught Himself To Read At The Age Of 152

And Then Procured A Degree In Law3

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