There is not one adult on this planet that has walked into a room for something but as soon as you take the 10 steps to get there, you suddenly have no idea what your purpose is for being there.




How about when you swear you’ve left your keys, cell phone, wallet, or something else of great importance in the same spot you always do, but once you try to leave the house the item is nowhere to be found?


It’s always some bizarre place like the dishwasher or freezer.




The human brain is a magnificent and mysterious organ.


Doctors all over the world are constantly trying to figure out what exactly makes us do the things we do or forget the things we forget.




Usually, stress is involved.


We live in a time of perpetual motion. Work, family, money – all of these things add to our abilities to function as adults.


But what if there were nine steps you could take that would instantly increase your brain power?


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