With the exception of people who live in tropical climates or the Southern Hemisphere, people around the world are experiencing the magnificence of fall.


Along with the beauty of leaves turning into shades of red, orange, and yellow, autumn also ushers in the holiday season, with festivals galore.


The Wara Art Festival in Northern Japan rang in the fall rice season recently but what makes the festival unique is its inventive and imaginative spirit. It’s also a way for innovative and artistic people to repurpose the rice straw left after the rice is harvested.


Students of the Musashino Art School in Tokyo have been working to fill the fields of Niigata with massive straw animals that are sculptures of bound rice straw since 2008.


For almost a decade, seeing the straw sculptures has become an exciting and popular event in itself. Once you see these amazing beasts, you will quickly see why!


There is a lot that goes into the design of the animals and student work together to make the straw come alive.



The students build the sculptures alongside workers from the tourism board by biding the rice straw together.


Aside from the art of the animal sculptures, it also takes a bit of engineering to pull it all together.


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