This is 17-year-old Lamyaa from Pennsylvania

Faced with harsh discrimination all the time, the most recent incident which she publicized came to Lamyaa as no surprise. However, her choice to prove one person’s blatant ignorance wrong, was a bolder than usual response from Lamyaa.


Imagine That, An Internet Troll Spewing Hateful Messages🙄

When Faced With Ignorance, She Responded With Wit

And intelligence. Why wonder? Lamyaa went straight to the source, her father. Currently living in Saudi Arabia, Lamyaa sent her “Baba” as she refers to him, a text message expressing her  indecision over whether or not she will continue to wear her hijab. Lamyaa has no real intention of removing her head scarf, yet is curious to see how her father with respond to the “taboo” suggestion.

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