If you’re a fan of James Corden, you know that his Carpool Karaoke sessions are epic. During each segment, Corden rides around with a well-known celebrity, and the two spend the ride singing popular songs back and forth to each other.

Sometimes They Even Bust Out A Few Dance Moves

By now, Corden has had some pretty big names ride around with him, so being starstruck probably isn’t something he experiences often. However, he couldn’t help but have a serious fan moment when he got in the car and hopped in the car with the legendary Stevie Wonder.


Of course, in true James Corden fashion, this Carpool Karaoke session starts off with some hilarious humor, but once Stevie starts singing, Corden is absolutely blown away.

This Is Priceless…

But when Stevie picks up the phone to make a call, Corden’s shock reaches a whole new level.

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