We could never imagine giving up something like stardom. The adulation, the huge paychecks, the attention to our every move, the knowledge that, for some in the world, we’ve made a difference and had an impact. Though it seems like a charmed life, many will tell you it’s not. The checks aren’t always hefty, the roles often ridiculous, and, eventually, a new flavor comes along and wins the public’s fleeting attention.

And then there are those who leave on their own. Here are 15 examples of famous faces who’ve seemingly turned their back on the business of show. Some are still working, and a couple have long since died, but for the most part, these talents decided to ditch the limelight and live a life outside. It’s an intriguing list. Check out all of them.

Daniel Day-Lewis

It’s hard to fault this amazing Method man for being picky about the roles he chooses. Among his many movies, he’s won three Academy Awards for Best Actor (My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood, and Lincoln). So it’s no surprise he’s been MIA since 2012, though he is working for Paul Thomas Anderson on a new film based around the fashion industry.

Mara Wilson

During his kiddie film phase, John Hughes looked to this rising child star to anchor his adaptation of A Miracle On 34th Street. She was also seen in Mrs. Doubtfire, and played the title character in Matilda. Not finding the acting game all that fun, she dropped out of the biz and focused full time on school.

Meg Ryan

As one of the few soap opera stars that made the successful transition from daytime to prime, she was the Queen of the Rom Com back in the day, with movies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless In Seattle helping to redefine the genre. But as with many female stars, her fame faded and she’s decided to step back a bit and focus on herself and family.

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