Nelum Pokuna Theatre saw a whole new side of service for the Sri Lankan Christmas celebration with thousands of people in attendance. The 2016 Festival of Joy took place on December 11th where over 1000 flyers were handed out.

There was just one thing that didn’t quite add up about this year’s brochure. Something was a more than a little off, in fact and there is no doubt about the shock and awe that struck those who came to celebrate as they read the lyrics to “Hail Mary.”

Why you ask? Well, because we aren’t talking the traditional Catholic prayer here. Yes, that is what should have been written in the festivus pamphlet but someone made a BIG mistake.

This Year’s Festival Of Joy Was Full Of Surprises


The Event Took Place At The Nelum Pokuna Theatre 

Every year folks gather to celebrate by joining in song and prayer…

FIND OUT How One BIG MISTAKE Changed This Year’s Celebration…