It seems like just yesterday we were all trying to figure out what the heck was going on between hip-hop favorites Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa. They were clearly cool back in the day. It was 2013 when Vic hopped on the track “Cocoa Butter Kisses,”  Acid Rap.


So what started the so-called feud between these two? Who knows. We never figured out what the deal was but speculations began when Vic spit a freestyle rhyme during Los Angeles Lakers Freestyle.

Didn’t catch it? LISTEN BELOW

You will notice a particularlly low blow when Mensa spits about  “ni**as that I used to be cool with” 

Well to recall his exact sentiment Vic rhymed;

“Pull up on me I call Emory/I got shooters everywhere for my enemies/I had to fire my management I wanna be with my real friends/I ain’t feelin’ your energy/Why these niggas so fake/They so fake so fake…”


Oh yeah, there was also that sketchy picture that Vic shared. It was a photo of the whole gang-Jay-Z, Bey,Chance The Rapper & Vic Mensa to begin with.

It looked like this.

But later Vic took to social media again to share this edited version.

Weird huh?

It seems as though the beef is squashed. Want Proof? READ ON…