There is no such thing as summertime sadness when you have perfect place to cool down and lay out. Whether you’re sipping daiquiris and margaritas or lemonade there is no better place to enjoy a relaxing day than poolside. The beach is cool and all but many would argue that pools offer all the perks of seaside fun with out the sand, seaweed and oftentimes sharp shells or rocks.

Plus, who is to say that a temperature controlled saltwater pool couldn’t exist on the shores of the world’s most beautiful beaches?! See, it’s a two for one deal! Pools are where it’s at, especially these 14 divinely designed ones!💯

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge

Is it just me or would this make THE PERFECT home away from home?


Grace Santorini

Who needs views from the six with a horizon like this?


Believe It Or Not, This Too Is A Pool

A really deep one…


If You’re More The Adventurous Type…Try This Pool UP NEXT On For Size…