Phobias. We all have them. Some people don’t like heights. Others are afraid to be around water, no matter how deep or shallow. There are those who hate wide open spaces and individuals who can’t stand the thought of being trapped in a small place. If you took a poll of people, you’d probably discover a lot of commonality, mostly centering on our a specific group of pests. From mice and rats to insects and snakes, not all God’s creatures are favored. Some give people the serious heebie jeebies.

Take the weather woman below. This is one well-meaning meteorologist who doesn’t like bugs, specifically, the scary eight-legged kind. Yep, she does not like spiders, not even images of them. Want proof? Then check out what happens during the newscast when a nice seascape is discovered…and of course, a little something else.

He Looks Friendly Enough, Right?



Hilarious – and horrifying. If you really hate spiders that much, seeing one that looks about three-feet-wide about five inches from your head would surely send you scurrying. Granted, our professional journalist could have held her composure, waiting until the segment was over to register her fright, but sometimes, terror trumps staying in control. It sure makes for a terrific TV moment, right? A blooper because of a bug. Phobias are funny like that.

Here’s The On Air Reaction

Hey – This One Looks Cute

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