Death is determinative. It doesn’t leave room for ambiguity. When you pass on, be it to an afterlife or some of their spiritual realm, you are really gone. The absence is there, and it’s felt by everyone who loved you, everyone who cared. Mementos can be left behind, and memories themselves linger, but it’s hard to remain upbeat and positive when something so special is gone for good. This is why some people volunteer to be organ donors. At least, if they go, they can leave of bit of themselves behind to help others.

It’s the kind of impact that can be seismic. Take the story of young Alj Jefferies. He needed a heart transplant or the brave 14-year-old would more than likely not see 15. After exhausting all avenues, and most of their hope, the family faced the finality of Alj’s condition with stoic sadness…and then, a miracle. A donor was discovered, and after some very complex surgery and treatment, the boy was saved. Sadly, it meant that someone else had to be lost, and this is where the story gets very sad indeed (get ready with those Kleenex boxes).

Here Is Alj Recovering From Surgery



For the Zimmerman family, the tragedy of losing two of their children to a drunk driver knew no boundaries. Even with the decision to be donors on the table, nothing could bring their precious daughter Katelyn and son Dylan back. Alj ended up with the girl’s heart, and at a meeting between the families, everyone got to hear it beat for the first time. It was a hugely emotional moment, one met by sadness, joy, grace, and above all, faith. Watch the video reunion below – but be warned. You won’t walk away unaffected by this.

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