You hear it all the time. From the moment you are old enough to dream, parents, guardians and mentors alike tell you that you can be whatever you want to be. They tell you to reach for the stars and put your all into your passions. You hear over and over again, that if you want to accomplish something great, there is nothing holding you back but yourself. With practice, dedication and perseverance anyone is capable of manifesting greatness.

Sparsh Shah grew up hearing these positive reinforcements as well and was blessed with family that supports his love for music. Although he may not physically be able to hang with kids his age and live a “normal” life, Shah doesn’t let his disability hold him down when it come to what he truly love, music.

Born with an incurable disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which limits him to a wheelchair due to his incredibly fragile bones, the emcee and singer, PURHYTHM, puts his all into everything he does and it shows! Check out the video of his Eminem cover below and prepare to be amazed by this young artist’s FLAWLESS voice and incredible lyrical flow!

PURHYTHM Is About To Finesse This Eminem Cover Like No Other!

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Sparsh Shah Proves He Is ‘Not Afraid’ To Step Up To The Mic!

If Young PURHYTHM Got You In A Hip-Hop State Of Mind, You Are Certain To Vibe With This Guy!


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