It seems like, every single day, we are getting closer and closer to answering the question if we are alone in the universe. As science struggles to explain all the numbers and data, as statistics suggest we are a mere fragment of the populated planets out in the numerous galaxies, most of us are holding out for one clear piece of proof that is irrefutable. Not just a fuzzy picture of something Ed Wood would have been embarrassed to include in Plan 9 From Outer Space.

With More Sightings Every Day


And still they come – thousands of attempts at verification. Many are well meaning. Some are just plain hoaxes outright. And then there are ones like the image offered up here. It infers a great deal while providing few answers. Even as the hacker organization Anonymous announce that NASA will be coming forth with undeniable proof of alien life on other worlds, we are still waiting for that initial close encounter, or at the very least, something showing how it happened, sans PhotoShop.

And More Calls For The Government To Release The Files


The image under scrutiny here is from high above Egypt. The objects in question are barely discernible at first, but then the reality comes into focus. Without another viable explanation, we appear to be seeing a convoy of spaceships – sorry UFOs – hovering over Earth. The shapes are barely visible, but technology allows us to clarify and magnify, and it sure looks like some extraterrestrial exploration of the third rock from the Sun.

Are We On The Verge Of Learning About Life On Other Planets?


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