It’s no secret that humans account for the overwhelming majority of pollution in the world. Our wasteful habits and lazy disposal of our daily garbage do nothing but hurt Mother Earth and her animal inhabitants, which in turn, is hurting humans.


None of us across the world are immune to this global issue but we all can do something to stop it.


No Human Being Should Have To Live Like This!


If you live in a first world or highly developed country, it’s easy to make an excessive amount of waste daily. Disposal containers, forks, bottles, food wrappers, plastic bags  – you name it – consume our lives every day.


It all has to go somewhere, right?


The Fact That These Are Children Is Chilling


Well, it does go somewhere. It fills our land and our waters.


Many cities and countries are implementing mandatory recycling efforts, which is a good start, because if we don’t stop throwing waste into trashcans, it will continue piling up at dumps and in landfills.


We must say enough is enough or we are all susceptible to living in the conditions found in places like the Philippines.


This Is Life For Many Filipino Children


The Philippines aren’t exactly a developing country as their minimum wage workers receive eight times the rate of pay as their Chinese counterpart, but it is so overpopulated, the country struggles to sustain itself economically.


Manila, the capital, is the most densely populated city on earth, with nearly two million residents living in 16 square miles.


Let’s put that into perspective.



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