Singer, Cori Broadus is a beautiful young woman, born to the one and only Snoop D-O-Double G. The young woman who has admitted to struggling with her dark-complexion as a child and teen, recently came forward to say that she will no longer be dwelling on her melanin kissed skin and has now learned to love and appreciate being a dark-chocolate Queen!

Cori Is One Of Snoop’s 4 Children


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She Is Blessed With Beauty And Talent

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However, in true human nature Cori grew up feeling insecure about her appearance. Having melanin-rich skin has for many years, not been the trend and as a teenager coming up in a judgemental world ruled by image. It can be easy to fall pressure to outlandish societal standards.

Many young men and women go through this over one physical characteristic or another. Having very dark skin is a trait that is rarely chased in the United States and all over the World.This is no breaking news, as many cultures have been known to turn to skin-lightening methods in order to achieve the ‘desired lightness’.

But Snoop’s Baby Girl Is Taking A New Approach…

Happy girl

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In 2016, things are changing. With many movements focused on equality, diversity, acceptance and self-love we are seeing more and more encouragement from public figures and media to become one with our bodies. By learning to love ourselves and embrace our differences we can then give and receive love with ease.

Cori Posted This Inspiring Message On IG

The brown-skinned princess is letting the world know that black is beautiful with her latest statement, boldly made in confidence. This may seem like a small feat to some, but Cori’s brave post on one of the biggest social media platforms on the map is a major step in the right direction.

#LoveTheSkinYourIn In This Young Singer’s Motto

Encouraging words from peers and role models alike, are just what our children need to hear in order to value themselves and others and Cori’s contribution to the cause is definitely one that her famous father should be proud of!

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