Face it. No one likes homework. No one wants to sit in class all day filling their minds with as much information as they can stand, waiting for the last bell to ring so that the can finally go home and…do a bunch more schoolwork?! NOPE.

There are very few students who look forward to cramming for an exam, writing a synopsis for that boring book from LIT class or memorizing formulas for math class.

It may be necessary evil but one thing is for certain-KIDS DON’T LIKE HOMEWORK.


Parents and guardians know or will soon learn, if their children have yet to reach school-age, that homework is a battle that must be fought.

Love it (never) or leave it, it’s just  part of school.

One way or another, after school studies just have to get done.


Sorry kids, the “dog ate my homework” line is played out. Fat chance of winning with that one.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that there is no hope for excuses, but kids these days have to be much more creative.


Whether it’s as easy as bribing the kids to complete their work with candy and treats or begging them, almost to tears on your hands and knees -parents, guardians and teachers alike,  must all work together with students to make sure they are getting an education an doing their homework-right!

Little Aubreigh has a whole new reason not to do her homework and no matter what mom tries, this spunky preschool isn’t budging!

Aubreigh has a pretty comprehensive list as to why she doesn’t have to do her homework…It’s too cute-READ ON