Originally an oil tanker, the SS Monte Carlo set sail in 1921 as the SS McKittrick only to later be transformed into a gambling and prostitution ship. The year was 1936 and the ship called the coast of Coronado, California it’s home.

The ship was anchored in international waters just three miles off the coast of Coronado, California as gambling and prostitution were not supported by the United States Government. All was well and the party was always popping on this ocean liner until New Years Day 1937 when a severe storm disrupted the anchor and the ship washed ashore.

One might wonder why no one ever claimed the ship but of course, the answer is clear. Once the ship was on shore it was illegal. So that was it for the legacy of the mob-owned floating party zone. Now the curious can visit what is left of the ship and pretend for just moment that they are carefree, enjoying the ocean breeze to the tune of slot machines sultry jazz beats.

In It’s Golden Day, The SS Monte Carlo Was The Place To Be


The Mob Ties Ran Deep And There Was Always A Party!2

Sex, Drugs, And Money Were  The Name Of The Game3

But Now, For The SS Monte Carlo It’s Just Waves4


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