There is no arguing the blatant sexism and oftentimes even racism that exists within the confines of public school dress codes.

From banning bare shoulders to mid-drifts and even legs, the standards placed on female students attire are overwhelming and highly unfair to say the least.

Schools Often Ban Miniskirts In Their Dress Code Policies

You see, we have a major problem here. On one hand we teach our young girls to love themselves. We teach them to accept their differences,own their flaws and be confident in the body that they were given-no matter shape, size, skin color, hair type ect.

And then on the other hand, we imply strict rules that young women must adhere by when it comes to their body. School polices define revealing clothing as distracting. At what point do we realize that these innuendos are effecting the way  young women feel about themselves?

Is a shoulder taboo? Just because those yoga pant are fitted to her natural given shape-she is to be shamed? Do you see the divide?


Female Clothing Is Often Targeted For Being Too Revealing

Don’t get it twisted-young women aren’t the only ones who are discriminated against by harsh dresscode polices.

Other items such as religious headscarves, hoodies, brightly-colored hairstyles, natural fros and articles of clothing with strong cultural ties are also among the most commonly banned items at schools.


Just in the past year alone we have seen multiple cases of natural hair discrimination. As in, little girls rocking their god-given curls were told that their hair was unkempt and demanded that they be braided or relaxed instead!




But Evanston Township High School, in Evanston, Illinois has decided to take a markedly different approach to the topic of dress codes and people are rejoicing at the positive message the school is promoting about diversity and responsibility.

Hoodies Are A Fashion Statement For Many Students

In the school’s updated policy, called their “dress code philosophy,” it was stated: “All students and staff should understand that they are responsible for managing their own personal ‘distractions’ without regulating individual students’ clothing/self expression.” Among some of the items permitted to wear are tank tops with spaghetti straps, ripped jeans, form-fitting pants like yoga pants and leggings, and religious headwear.

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