If you love animals (and even if you don’t), there’s a pretty good chance you’ve taken at least one trip to the zoo. From young to old, the zoo is a popular spot for people of all ages, and for many, it’s seen as the perfect place for a day of family fun.

Although zoos are meant to be places where people can see animals in a safe environment, sometimes the animals have different plans.

He Showed Them!

I mean think about it, if you were locked up all day and had to deal with people staring at you, you’d┬áprobably be looking for ways to keep yourself entertained too.

When You’re Sick Of People Calling You Simba

Although these people probably thought they were going to have a fun and calm day at the zoo, these animals let them know who really runs things over at the zoo.

Got Em!

Of course, when incidents happen at the zoo, everybody wants to blame the animals. In reality, it’s usually a very careless (obnoxious) person who’s responsible.

Ready to see some of the most shocking zoo moments?

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