According to Unilad, the findings were based on images of Mars that were taken between 2002 and 2009. To make this discovery, researcher Jack Wilson “and his team were cleverly able to reduce blurring and ‘noise’ from the images, dramatically enhancing spatial resolution from 320 miles to just 180 miles (520 kilometers to 290 kilometers).”

This allowed them to have a better view, which ultimately allowed them to see that there were “high levels of hydrogen were detected around parts of the equator. At high latitudes, this is known to signify buried water ice.”

Although the idea of water on Mars isn’t necessarily anything new, it wasn’t until now that researchers believed that water/ice could exist at low altitudes like this.

A finding like this could change future explorations of mars by allowing astronauts to “make use of accessible natural resources on Mars, both for water supply and for the production of hydrogen fuel.”

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