When most people think of the Taj Mahal, they think of the elegant and beautiful white marble landmark in the heart of Agra, India. But there is a newer structure of beauty in that very same town that is helping to build up the lives of women.

Sheroes Hangout was created to give survivors of acid attacks the opportunity to integrate back into life after recovering from a tragedy. The cafe works two-fold: it provides a transitionary place of employment for the women who are trying to get back into society. It also helps raise awareness of the horrors of acid attacks and the effects on survivors.

Patrons of the restaurant can browse inspirational books and view photos of survivors hanging on the walls. The owner of Sheroes hopes it will change the perceptions of society about acid attacks and survivors experiences.

“The primary focus has been to create awareness,” said Alok Dixit, the founder of Stop Acid Attacks, the Delhi-based nonprofit behind the establishment, to The Wall Street Journal.

Another interesting component of Sheroes is that there are no prices listed on the menu so customers are encouraged to pay what they can. The owner wants the focus to be on having a positive experience and supporting the survivors of the attacks as they establish their place in the world again.

What a beautiful message of hope.

Sheroes Hangout Is A Place Of Hopeb

Sheroes Asks Patrons To Pay What They Are Able Tof

They Are Growing Stronger Every Day


Positivity Is On The Menu At The Cafec

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