Remember when you were a kid and going to the beach was one of the things you most looked forward to as the school year was winding down?


Whether it was just for the day or if your family or friends had a week-long trip planned, you knew you were going to have the best week of the summer.


You’d pack up extra clothes, but that was only because your mom made you. You were perfectly content wearing a wet suit all day and night if it meant you could bring more beach toys.


The waves, the sun, the food – all of it made it a memorable trip but the one activity that allowed you to express your creativity and imagination was building sand castles.


Can’t you just picture it in your head: You spent half the day getting the entire castle built with all the details down to a T, including the all so important moat, right before one of your siblings stomped it down?


Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best memory to stir up…But one look at these stunning sand castles and you will be transported back to a time full of imagination and wonder of your very own.


Take A Trip Back To The Renaissance

Don’t you want to know how long this masterpiece took?