You have likely figured out that the world is a cruel, cruel place.Morals, ideals, and values are flexible from one person or culture to the  next-which of course, is really no problem because well, we’re all different.

However, some folks carry around the weight of mal-intent. Some folks are selfish and don’t think before they act. Mindfulness and respect can go a long way yet both have become pretty sparse in modern days.

That harsh/ shocking reality was brought to light in an extremely disgusting way after a recent event. Brace yourself.

So here’s what really went down…An angry crowd in India was photographed setting fire to a mother elephant and her baby. They were throwing inflamed pieces of tar and crackers at the helpless animals.

Oh, it get’s stranger. Wait for it…

So, the photograph of the two elephants on fire went on to win a prize. Yes a prize-you read that right!

Check out the award winning (& disheartening) photograph NEXT!