They were everyone’s favorite young industry couple on the come up. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez began dating in 2011, the first time. Now six years,later and many individual milestones, “Jelena” is back!


They captivated the attention, hearts and many a headline the first time they were together and by the looks of all the hype, this round will be no different.

Although, the two have been separated for some time and have been linked with other people in the interim, and Selena look like they started where they left off, well except maybe better!


This past week, after rumors of the old friends reuniting came pouring over social media headlines everywhere, the media had a field day with the possibility of Biebs and Gomez rekindling their old flame.

Of course, everyone was a little confused about Gomez’s public boo thang, the Weeknd.

Picture by: XactpiX / Splash News

Well, according to reports, the relationship between the Weeknd and Selena has been strained due to his tour. With the couple drifting apart over the past few months and Selena’s health, it’s hardly surprising that Justin Bieber found himself not only rethinking his past decisions but also looking for a way back in his former boo thing’s life.


So what was the final straw and how did Biebs get his baby back? READ AHEAD to find out what really went down…