It’s the holy grail of medical treatment, the endgame that most doctors would love to see, though it could, conceivably, put them out of business. Ponce De Leon came all the way from Spain to find it, and science fiction films and novels have made the most out of the premise. While we’re not talking about immortality, per se, we are looking at the likely hood of finding a fountain of youth. If we could reverse the aging process, the scientific sky would indeed be the limit.

Doctors Have Been Searching For It For Years



And DNA May Hold The Key



Well, guess what? We may be one step closer to locating the elusive cause of our body’s degeneration properties, and a tiny rodent may hold the key. In laboratory tests, mice have had their DNA manipulated to the point where it repairs itself. This is crucial in cases of cancer, radiation, and of course, getting older. The key is a compound called NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). It aids in and helps control DNA repair.

They’ve Been Successful With Mice



In experiments, the cells of older mice were treated with NAD, and were then compared to the cells of younger rodents. The two were virtually indistinguishable. Of course, this is happening in another species, not humans, but doctors are convinced that trials on people could actually begin very soon. And if successful…? Well, let’s just say that such a major medical breakthrough will be both celebrated and criticized.

Humans Could Be Next



And Suddenly, Science Can Turn Back Time



So What’s The Downside? Continue On To Find Out