In recent years, there’s been a huge geographical debate over how many continents there are.


Traditionally, you learned in school that there are seven different continents, but some scholars believe the number should be downsized to six.


Scientists have told those geography scholars to take a hike because they actually have a new number we should all be going with.



Okay, so whether or not you were sticking with seven continents or riding with the new six, throw it all out the window.


There’s actually eight.


According to Lad Bible, “Zealandia used to be one of the world’s continents before it broke away from Australia 60 to 85 million years ago. It was also once attached to Antarctica, but detached from the frozen land mass a few million years earlier.” 


Is your mind blown yet?



Get ready to be even more shocked!


Scientists are working to unlock the mysteries of this forgotten continent and a recent exploration has revealed some pretty interesting things.



Apparently, 94-percent of Zealandia is still under water but that hasn’t stopped a group of determined scientists from wanting to take a further look.


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