By now, people all over the globe know the ramifications of throwing trash and waste into the Earth’s water systems.


Plant life dies and so does marine animals who can no longer eat the sea plants and who get injured and killed by the debris.




Water pollution is a major concern for oceanographers, biologists, scientists, and other researchers and it should be for humans, too.


However, sometimes people have no control over what’s found at the bottom of the planet’s water systems.




As far as we’ve come with technology and engineering, some things are still mysteries and the oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world are a few of them.


Think about it: If 95 percent of the Earth’s water sources have yet to be explored, that means that there are even more things hidden under the water’s surface.




If we could explore them, would we be able to explain everything we find?


Some researchers on the Ocean X team were recently in that predicament.

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