Everything you ever believed to be true will be tested by the work of Howard Wiseman and his latest theory. A study done at Griffith University in Australia is challenging old school thought and suggesting that there are in fact, other universes parallel to us and one another.

Sources say that that;

“Multiple other universes exist in the same space and time as our own, and that they interact on a quantum level …”

Okay, so the new school thought as explained by lead author, Michael Davis differs from the originally suggested theory of the 1950’s in a few ways and here’s how;

The ‘Many Worlds’ Approach Of The 1950’s

This theory suggests;

THAT after an event happens (like the asteroid hitting Earth) then numerous universes are created with all the possible outcomes of that event, and ours just happened to be that the dinosaurs were wiped out.

In this case, each universe runs parallel to one another, never interacting. These universes were considered to be in the same time, yet a separate space.

It’s all sort of perplexing as Quantum Physics tends to be but let’s just get to the point.


Just Kidding, But There Is A New School Theory In The Mix Now, READ ON To Find Out What All The Fuss Is About…