Actor and former wrestler, Dwayne Johnson recently learned that he has made his mark as more than just a celebrity on screen.

Of course, as a big name actor “The Rock” has had more than his fair share of opportunities to make a difference both on and off screen but Dwayne Johnson could have never imagined that he would be the reason that a young boy on the brink of death is still living.

Yeah, that’s right-we aren’t talking about a direct, hands-on experience involving “The Rock”.

Actually,  this time Dwayne was able to make a difference from a distance. He never could have guessed that his role in the 2015 film, San Andreas, would have such and affect 10-year-old, Jacob O’Connor.

ApparentlyJacob had paid so much attention in the film, that he learned the CPR technique he saw Johnson do – a skill that would eventually come in very handy.

When Jacob noticed his younger brother lying face down in their backyard swimming pool, he immediately jumped into action using the same technique he saw Johnson use in the film.

Thanks to his quick thinking, Jacob’s brother survived the incident and only had to spend one day in the hospital. When Johnson learned of the boy’s bravery, he not only wanted to meet him, but he planned a vacation for the entire O’Connor family.

 Johnson and O’Connor meet for the first time…WATCH NEXT