It’s the Hatfields and McCoys of the cellphone world. Ask any owner of either device and you are bound to get an earful over the pros and cons of both. For some, the answer is obvious – with a house full of the brand, why not make your portable device compatible. On the other side of the fence are those who claim superior performance, better quality, and perhaps most significantly, a defiance against the “Disney of Tech.”

They’ve Become Part Of Our Everyday Life


Yes, it’s the battle between Apple and Samsung, the iPhone vs. the Galaxy. Those who swear by either will get hot and bothered should you try and covert them, and with new versions being released, it’s a battle for the consciousness, and the cash, of the consumer. But even with the rivalry, few are aware of the fact that, behind the scenes, both companies have worked together on their signature products, and after a brief hiatus, it appears to be happening again.

People Will Wait In Line For The Latest Version


What? Blasphemy you say? Well, a Korean magazine is saying that Samsung is “back” in the iPhone business again, providing high tech chips for the 10th anniversary version, known for now as #9. It’s been an industry secret that the feuding is a front, with Apple and Samsung pairing up to provide internal components for the iPhone. There was a change for the last incarnation of the device. Now, the enemies are working together again.

So Are Apple And Samsung Really Working Together?


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