This might seem insane but trust,it is the real thing. This project lead by the world’s second largest aeronautical company,called “Vahana” project could actually begin testing stages by 2017! That right, the possibility of flying “roadways” is just around the corner!

The design would involve highways built for smooth sailing and convenient travel. The ultimate goal is eliminate high-traffic areas and make getting around in this busy modern world a breeze.

It would be as easy as 1-2-3, just as if you were to call an average cab, Lyft, or Uber. Actually, the company working on the design is aiming to partner with already established transport services like the above mentioned for this incredible innovation. If and when the flying taxi service finally comes to fruition, these partnerships combined with ease of access would make it so that an airbus ride would not cost much more than ground transportation!

Can You Imagine? Just A Phone Call Or Better Yet, An App Away…


And The Innovative Airbus Shows Up At Your Door!


Then It’s Just A High-Flying Hot Second Before You Make It To Your Destination!


What Do You Think Of This Futuristic Airbus Design


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