It’s like how most memes start. One minute, you’re clueless as to the latest social media trend. The next, the stuff is everywhere. You can’t avoid it. It becomes the fodder for commentary, criticism, and of course, comedy. People overplay it, using it every and anywhere. Again, this can happen in an instant, or in other cases, it can come along slowly, building steam until it is omnipresent in the cultural consciousness.

It All Started Here



And Soon Went Here



That’s the best way to describe the current “Cash Me Outside” crazy. It has its roots back in September of 2016, when a girl named Danielle appeared on the Dr. Phil show. The premise of the segment was simple – this 13-year-old wild child was out of control, her mom wanted something done, and the self-help TV guru was enlisted to make things “right.”

Now This Gangsta Gal Is Mad From All The Attention



As Danielle described her do-whatever-the-Hell-I-want lifestyle, the audience started to snicker. Her response was to call them all “hoes” and then make the following threat – “Catch me outside, how about that?” However, because of the way she speaks – very urban and street – Danielle’s words came out like “Cash me outside…howbow dah?” Thus, a new Internet sensation was born, and one that the subject seems none too happy about.

She Doesn’t Like All The Haters



And She’s Blaming The People She Thinks Are Mocking Her



Now, She’s Angry Over All The Attention – Continue On To See What We Mean