Entertainment’s favorite funny woman, Ellen DeGeneres, was overcome with emotion yesterday after she was honored by President Obama with the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest recognition bestowed upon a civilian. The star-studded White House event was a who’s who of actors, scientists, sports stars and charity heroes. Among the 21 recipients were Tom Hanks, Tracy Ross, Michael Jordan and Robert De Niro.

According to the White House, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is given to “individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

And who better to receive that award than Ellen?

As the announcer introduced the talk show host, “In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a standup comic, actor and television star,” she became visibly emotional and was having a tough time fighting back the tears.

“In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive towards equality and acceptance for all. Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place so long as we just keep swimming.”

After President Obama acknowledged her courage in coming out, he also spoke of her wonderful ability to bring people together with her love of dancing, humor and charity.

When the blue-ribbon medal was placed around her neck by President Obama, she fought back the tears. As she returned to her seat next to Robert De Niro, he could see that Ellen was overcome with emotion and offered her a comforting hug. He then gave her a tender kiss on the side of her head, as if to reassure her.

What a beautiful display of support to give to a fellow actor. And what a well-deserved honor to be given to the talk show host who has stolen our hearts with her acts of kindness and made us laugh through some of our toughest days.

Congratulations Ellen!

Ellen DeGeneres Was Recently Honored With The Presidential Medal Of Freedom


As Ellen Fought Back The Tears, Actor Robert DeNiro Comforted Her2

He Gave Her A Tender Kiss On Her Head 3

And Offered Her Support When She Needed It4

Ellen Before Receiving The Medal5

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