It’s been more than a week since Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico leaving nothing but destruction in her wake. The violent storm left many people without electrcity, shelter, or food.

However, in the time since the storm, the United States government has ignored the island’s need for help. In fact, President Trump has all but said that he doesn’t particularly care what happens to the island or its people – and many Americans — as well as people in other parts of the world — have had enough.

As a result, many celebrities have been using their platforms as a way to raise awareness to Puerto Rico’s needs, while also expressing their disgust with the president’s lack of action.

Recently, Rihanna took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the president’s behavior – and she let him know exactly how she felt.

With just two tweets, Rihanna not only put Trump in his place, but also reminded the entire Internet why she’s one of the realest to ever do it.

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