Since becoming the official Head of State, The President Of The United States Of America, Donald Trump has managed to turn the worlds of many U.S.residents upside down and inside out.

His recent Muslim Immigration ban brought forth a whole lot of emotion on The World Wide Web, from some of the most influential women and men took to their various social media accounts to make it known that they were not indeed #TeamTrump.

Peep game on what your favorite industry leaders and media influencers had to say about Trump’s latest presidential decision.

Kim K. Came Out Of Hiding To Say…

Since the Paris robbery, the Kardashian sister and wife of Kanye has been laying low and who is to blame her?! However, Kim couldn’t hold her tongue on this one, making a very clear and concise statement on her Twitter.

Khloé Chimed In, Later

Alyssa Milana Had More Than Just The Key To Success With Her Tweet

How bout ANOTHA ONE?!

Kerry Washington Has Never Been One To Stay Quiet

Knowledge is power.

Peep What Rihanna Had To Say NEXT