“If I only had a camera…” How many times have you said that in your life? Well, for many of us, there was a time when a way of capturing a moment on film was not readily available. Either you didn’t have your Kodak or Polaroid handy. Maybe, you forgot to load it, or buy enough flash bulbs. Whatever the case, a stunning or surreal situation could unfold before your eyes, and without a means of taking a photograph, you were out of luck. Now, everyone has a recording device. It’s part of every smartphone being marketed for its pixels and clarity. And as a result, many a previously missed moment is now forever part of the social media screenshot showcase.

Complied from around the web, the gallery that follows offers up a series of images where, you could argue, the photographic fates lined up to give the taker something special. Some would say “right place at the right time,” but reality needs to step in and say that some of these are clearly the product of proper staging and a whole lot of patience. In other instances, there is a brief bit of luck involved. How else would you explain a bird catching a berry in mid-flight, or an eagle with chem trails. Take a look and realize how many of these may have been missed back in the day.

Lady Liberty Lights Up

Keeping that torch lit AF

Say Hello To Your Underwater Buddy

This diver will have a whale of a tale to tell.

Buddha Says ‘Hold On’

Are you treating your passengers right?

Underwater Maneuvers

Trapped in a thin layer of liquid.

Breaking The Barrier


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