For the 2,000 residents of Huaxi, East China, on the surface life seems to be paying off well. Each individual is given their own home, money in their bank account ($143,000 U.S. dollars to be exact) and a shiny new car.

Amongst other benefits to living in Huaxi – just two hours away from Shanghai – are the use of private helicopter taxis, elaborate theme parks, exquisite art museums, and some of the most luxurious prosperity ever witnessed by humans.

But life might be too good to be true because if residents ever want to leave China’s “richest village” – guess what? There is a pretty serious catch that comes with this luxurious lifestyle package…

Activist Gu Zhijian said to New Tang Dynasty Television: “Wu is special. He took advantage of the government’s desire for an exemplary village [to showcase] the social system of public ownership.”

A Villa Like One Of These Are Given To New Residents


Lavish Touches Like This Golden Ox Decorate The Village2

This 72-Story Skyscraper Built For Residents Cost $430 Million 3

The Perks Are Cool But There’s A Catch…READ ON