It’s been the subject of debate, both among scientists and theologians. Some say it’s authentic while others argue for an elaborate hoax. There’s no lack of data on it. It’s perhaps the single most studied artifact in human history, and the reason why is obvious. If you can either validate it or debunk it, you can literally change the course of history. After all, what those who are questioning their faith want is proof. For those who dislike organized religion, a fraud would fix those who hide behind their beliefs.

The Shroud Of Turin


So recent news about the famous Shroud of Turin should start the conversation all over again. When lasts we check on the religious relic which claims to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, the verdict was…bad. Carbon dating and other tests argued the item was manufactured in the Middle Ages, an elaborate ruse meant to keep the Church front and center in the social structure of life. Many believed this would be the final word on the Shroud, even if the evidence was disregarded by those committed to Christ.

Is It Real, Or Fake?


Now, some scientists are claiming that the “blood stains” found on the Shroud are legitimate. In fact, they argue that the chemical make-up indicates that the person who used this item suffered a great amount of pain and torture. The proof? The presence of creatinine and ferritin means that the individual inside was the victim of some telling violence, just like the kind that befell the Savior before he was buried, and then resurrected.

A New Study Offers An Answer


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