Even if you weren’t born until the 90’s were already in full swing, you know that two genres of music made a major impact during the decade: Grunge and Hip-hop.


But there was also another type of music that ruled the airwaves: boy bands and girl groups.


Because boy bands like New Kids On The Block, *NSync, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees had the most hits and were played on radio stations, not to mention MTV had them all on constant rotation, we’re going to skip over the boys (who are now men) and head straight to the ladies.


You probably clearly remember En Vouge, TLC, and the Spice Girls (or at least know who they are) and can even make a case for Destiny’s Child, although their biggest selling album, The Writing’s On The Wall, which cast them into the mainstream with the hits, “Say My Name” and “Bills, Bills, Bills,” was released in ’99.


But can you remember all those really good girl groups whose songs you would belt out when you turned on the radio or that you would rush to the mall to buy the single for?


Take a walk down memory lane and check out these 15 forgotten girl groups of the 90’s.




Biggest Hit: “Don’t Walk Away” (2002)


“Don’t Walk Away” was one of the biggest dance/R&B tracks of 1992 and it’s hard not to name it as one of the best of the decade.


All Saints


Biggest Hit: “Never Ever” (1997)


Britsh girl group All Saints had a few hits over in the U.K., but it was their second single, the ballad “Never Ever” that most Americans will remember.




Biggest Hit: “C’est La Vie” (1998)


This Irish girl group took the U.S. by storm with their 1998 single, “C’est La Vie,” which was as bubblegum pop as they come. Listening now, it sounds almost like a children’s TV show theme song, but in 1998 it really made a splash on Top-40 stations across the globe.




Biggest Hit: “Hey Mr. DJ” (1993)


“Hey Mr. DJ” still gets airplay, why? Because it’s still dope. Click play and try not to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.




Biggest Hit: “808” (1998)


TLC’s Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes took Blaque (which stood for Believing, Life, Achieving, Quest, Unity, Everything) under her wing. If you listen, you can hear TLC undertones to it. Blaque consistently delivered good music that was well-produced. They were even featured in the smash teen hit Bring It On.




Biggest Hit: “Lately” (1998)


You may not remember the band – they only had one album – but click play and you will definitely remember their hit song, “Lately.”




Biggest Hit: “If You Love Me” (1994)


Unlike a few other girl groups on this list, you probably instantly remember Brownstone. They were only around from 1994-97 but made massive hits in that short time period.




Biggest Hit: “Cleopatra’s Theme” (1998)


Cleopatra was a huge hit overseas and opened for the Spice Girls, thanks to their catching “Cleopatra’s Theme” that really came atcha.




Biggest Hit: “Steelo” (1996)


Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot mentored a ton of groups in the 90’s but 702 may have been her crowning jewel. Like Brownstone, you probably haven’t forgotten them due to not being a 90’s one-hit-wonder.


Changing Faces


Biggest Hit:G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” (1997)


The duo of Changing Faces reached the top of the Billboard R&B charts in 1997 with “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” Despite their talent, they didn’t stick long.


Wild Orchid


Biggest Hit:Talk To Me” (1997)


Take a look at the blonde in the video. Does she look familiar? She should. That’s Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson of Black Eyed Peas fame, who also has had success as a solo artist. Before all of that though, she was “the blonde one” in Wild Orchid.




Biggest Hit:Head Over Heels” (1997)


It can be argued that Allure’s biggest hit was a remake of Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s “All Cried Out,” but we’re putting “Head Over Heels” on the list because of the Nas factor. The rapper worked with The Trackmasters, the producers who discovered them, and was featured on the group’s first single. Allure was signed to Mariah Carey’s Crave Records and made a few splashes on the Billboard charts.


Boy Krazy


Biggest Hit:That’s What Love Can Do” (1991)


“That’s What Love Can Do” was such a huge hit in ’91 it bumped Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” from the number-one spot on the Billboard charts. Krazy…


Sweet Sensation


Biggest Hit:If Wishes Came True” (1990)


Sweet Sensation was a trio from the Bronx that was formed in the 80’s but didn’t reach the charts until 1990 when “If Wishes Came True” hit the radio waves.


Nuttin’ Nyce


Biggest Hit:In My Nature” (1993)


Nuttin’ Nyce had only one album but their first single, “In My Nature,” landed on  the Billboard charts and the trio found success with two other singles that were on a couple Hollywood soundtracks.


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