In 2016 the number of refugees is at a record high. Persecution and war have torn approximately 65 million people from their homes. That is one in every 113 people with no where to go. That is one in every 113 people that have nowhere to call home. That is children with nowhere to lay their innocent heads to rest at night. That is mothers and fathers who have no idea where they will sleep next or how they will eat next as they trek across lands seeking a place to accept them and nurture their success.

This number is absolutely devastating. At the end of the day however, as a parent, provider and role model there is nothing for parents to do but to continue. There is nothing for mothers and fathers to do but to hold their children tight and lead through another long day and another uncertain night.

The following photos give outsiders a glimpse of the daily struggle and the undying persistence of a few fearless fathers who no matter what they are faced with, give their all to make sure their children are safe.

The Facts Are Heartbreaking


Tired Father Cries For Help As He Carries His Child


Refugees Celebrate Their Acceptance At A Party In Their Honor


Brave Father Holds His Babies Tight As He Jumps Out Of A Dingy


A Refugee Carries His Daughter After Being Rescued At Sea


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