You have probably heard a lot about North Korea in the last couple of weeks thanks to recent developments that are all over the news, Internet, and social media feeds,

If you weren’t aware of what’s been going on, the leaders of both the United States and North Korea have been engaged in a war of words over nuclear weapon threats.


This isn’t to scare you. If you haven’t gotten scared over what you’ve seen all over the news this week, this post definitely won’t!


With increased information from American and allied sources coming out of North Korea, a country infamous for its government-controlled media, there are some things that may be a bit confusing regarding the nation and its people.

The first question that keeps coming up on Twitter is users asking what the difference between North and South Korea is.


The thing is, there are a lot of differences between the neighboring countries.

Think about it like this: What’s the difference between the United States and Canada?

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