You may know him from the hit comedy,  Parks & Recreation or from his big screen role in Jurassic World but did you know that actor, Chris Pratt is talented in the game of rap!?

Ok, so maybe he isn’t writing his own 16’s, but Pratt hardly hesitated when it came time to prove that he had the juice 🍊💦 on an old favorite hip-hop track.

The star appeared on DJ Whoo Kid’s popular radio show, Whoolywood Shuffle and was hardly shy to spit rhymes after opening up about his love for hip-hop. It may be hard to fathom so don’t overheat trying to wrap your head around Pratt on the beat and witness this genius for yourself!

It May Be Hard To Believe But This Guy…Is An OG


And When It Comes To His Passion For Hip-Hop Slim & Dre Take First Place…


Because Chris Pratt Did Not ‘Forget About Dre’


Chris Pratt May Have Survived The Worst But He Never ‘Forgot About Dre’


PRESS PLAY on the NEXT PAGE to witness Pratt bring the heat on that Dre beat and drop the mic…