It’s like something out of a comic book. In fact, it’s EXACTLY like something out of your four panel favorite. For most of our beloved superheroes, their epic abilities came from an accident, either of birth, occupation, or circumstance. One minute, your sitting on the job site, wondering when the day will end…the next, you’re covered in atomic waste, the gunk altering your DNA to the point where you can fly, shrink, and/or life incredible amounts of weight.

If You Could Have A Super Power, What Would It Be?



Would You Like To Be Super Strong?


TV, movies, and other medium have taken the idea and run, boiling things down to its basics – that is, a normal everyday person can be transformed into something super via a single incident. Of course, we find this to be fiction. Complete fiction. After all, wouldn’t there be everyday examples of regular Joes and Janes hanging out, contemplating life, when…BANG!…it happens. From mild mannered to nuclear powered.

How About Super Fast?



Well, believe it or not, there have been people who’ve stumbled across expert abilities they didn’t have before, and almost all have come from a tragedy involving an accident or injury. A good example is the first one featured in the video included here. An Italian immigrant developed a very high fever. When it finally cleared, he could paint like a master – and he had never shown an artistic acumen…EVER.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Fly?



Maybe You’d Like Something A Bit More…Strange?


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